CCTS Biospecimens Core

Mission Statement

The CCTS Biospecimens Core aims to facilitate world-class translational research by

  1. Improving core services for biobanking.
  2. Increasing awareness of, and access to, biospecimens and biobanking.
  3. Providing training in biospecimens-related research.
  4. Distributing biospecimens to researchers.

Resources for Investigators

We are pleased to report that we have initiated collection of serum and plasma samples through the Research Registry and Specimen Bank protocol. This is in direct response to our investigator survey indicating that blood derivatives were the most highly sought after specimen.

We want to continue to be responsive to investigator needs. We have received interest from investigators regarding the availability of banked adipose tissue. We do not currently have any adipose samples in our bank. We are exploring possible adipose collection in the near future. Updates will be posted here as available.

If you need specific help, or you need specimens, email or complete the CCTS Biobanking request form.

Resources for Patients

Patients and research subjects interested in learning more about Biospecimens and Biobanking at UK should follow this link to learn about the CCTS Research Registry and Specimen Bank

Research Registry and Specimen Bank

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