CCTS Cores

Biomedical Informatics

The BMI Core provides access to biomedical informatics expertise, research tools, and data sources to investigators.

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Translational Analytics & Assessment Support
Biospecimens Core  

The Biospecimens Core provides expertise encompassing acquisition, ascension, and storage of biological samples or tissues. We can address issues regarding research participant consenting, biobank design, and appropriate sample management software.


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Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design

The Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design (BERD) provides support in the areas of biostatistics, epidemiology and research design to CCTS researchers. Services include consultations on study design for clinical trials, community-based participatory research, and population-based (epidemiologic) studies, and quantitative data analysis.

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Clinical Services Core (CSC)
Clinical Operations

The CSC Clinical Operations Unit provides both expert nursing and coordinator support and dedicated facilities for patient-oriented research for either inpatient or ambulatory studies.

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Translational Analytics & Assessment Support
Biochemical Analysis Lab (BAL)

The CSC Biochemical Analysis Lab provides support to CCTS approved protocols for higher sensitivity assays not routinely run by the Hospital Clinical Laboratory.

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Translational Analytics & Assessment Support
Functional Assessment & Body Composition Core (FAABC)

The CSC Functional Assessment & Body Composition Core provides both testing and analyses for whole and regional body composition measures.

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Participant Recruitment Core
Participant Recruitment/Marketing

Participant Recruitment and Marketing provides compliant advertising recruitment materials for studies and develops a strategic ad campaign with the PI using various media


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Community Engagement & Research

The overall goal of the Community Engagement & Research Core is to connect lay, practice, and academic communities as partners in community-engaged research to address priority health needs of Appalachian populations in Kentucky, contributing to improved health outcomes.

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Drug Discovery & Development

The Drug Discovery & Development Core brings together faculty from UK’s highly successful drug development program in the College of Pharmacy and other multidisciplinary areas to serve on the Therapeutic Advisory Panel (TAP), and it awards pilot funding to investigators across the University whose projects benefit from TAP expertise.

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Medical Device & Diagnostics Development

The overall goal of the Medical Device & Diagnostics Development Core is to accelerate the development, adoption, and commercialization of novel medical devices and diagnostics.

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Pilot Studies

The overall goal of the Clinical and Translational Pilot Awards Program is to provide research support for preliminary and proof-of-concept studies critical to moving basic laboratory findings into clinical applications. High priorities of the program are to facilitate development of enabling technologies, new therapeutic, diagnostic, and novel cross-disciplinary collaborative programs that address the health and health care needs of the people of Appalachia.

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Regulatory Support & Research Ethics

CCTS Regulatory Support & Research Ethics integrates faculty, staff, and community expertise in bioethics, regulatory knowledge, and research integrity to provide investigators, community practitioners, trainees, and research participants with a single point of access to the spectrum of ethical and regulatory committees and support services applicable to clinical and translational research.

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Training, Education & Mentoring

The goal of TEAM is to educate, train, and provide career development support for clinical and translational health scientists.

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Tracking & Evaluation

The CCTS Tracking & Evaluation team works closely with the administration and key function program directors to identify metrics and outcomes to best measure progress towards the achievement of the Center’s aims and goals.  As part of this process, the T&E team collects and analyzes data on organizational change resulting from the Center’s focus on collaborative team science.

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