Biochemical Analysis Lab

Analytics is the laboratory component of the Translational Analytics and Assessment Support Core (TAAS). The lab provides analytical support for CCTS-approved protocols. Analytics primarily performs assays that are not routinely run by the Hospital Clinical Laboratory. In this support role, Analytics also provides training to researchers, graduate students, and technicians.

Services include:

  • Researching appropriate methodology and application to suit investigator needs.
  • Fluorometric, colormetric, luminometry assays (ELISA/EIA, dynamic detection kits)
  • Extensive experience with a wide variety of biomarkers and cytokines in diverse areas of research (nutrition, bone and mineral metabolism, diabetes and obesity, oncology, endocrine function, signal transduction, infection and inflammation, drugs of abuse)
  • Detailed sample tracking and cataloging.
  • Referrals to and coordination with other laboratory services at UK, including flow cytometry, GC, LC/MS-MS, genetic sequence analysis (SNP, candidate gene), microscopy and histology.

Extramural Reference Laboratories under contract with BAL:

These laboratories are used to provide access to tests and services not currently within the purview of the BAL such as measurements of epinephrine/norepinephrine by HPLC and 1,25 Dihydroxy Vit. D by extraction and binding assay.

  • ARUP
  • LabCorp
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Millipore (formerly LINCO)

To access services below or for other assistance or questions, please use the following Contact Information.

Investigators interested in requesting services through CCTS Biochemical Analysis Laboratory, can complete a Service Request Form by following this link: CCTS Service Request Form