Biostatistics and Epidemiology Workshops

The BERD provides several educational resources. Faculty and staff offer a variety of workshops, guest lectures, and tutorials for standard analysis techniques in SAS, SPSS, R, STATA, and Excel. To request a tutorial not listed above, submit a CCTS Service Request Form.

Pilots & Pizza

Pilots & Pizza is a regular series offered by the BERD focusing on study design and development.

Session Presentation
February 29, 2016  Pizza and Pilots Heather Bush, PhD - REDCap in Data Capture
January 25, 2016 Pizza and Pilots Arny Stromberg, PhD - Ethics 
December 9, 2015 Pizza and Pilots Richard Charnigo, PhD - Structure Equation Modeling
October 29, 2015  Pizza and Pilots Richard Kryscio, PhD - What Statistic Reviewers Look For  
March 30, 2015  Pizza and Pilots Philip Westgate, PhD - Clustering: What is it, and how does it affect study design and statistical analysis
February 23, 2015 Pizza and Pilots Emily Dressler, PhD -  Need a Sample Size? How to collaborate with your friendly statistician; Alpha Beta effect sizes, oh my!
January 26, 2015  Pizza & Pilots April Young - Network Analysis in Health Research: Applications, Opportunities, and challenges
April, 2014 Pizza & Pilots  
March 2014 Pilots & Pizza Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling
February 2014 Pilots & Pizza Ethics of Data Analysis
January 2014 Pilots & Pizza Meta analysis: an overview
November 2013 Pilots & Pizza Need a Sample Size? How to talk to your friendly statistician!
October 2013 Pilots & Pizza Missing Data & Imputation
September 2013 Pilots & Pizza From LOI to Successful Pilot Application
April 2013 Pilots & Pizza Survey Design and Analysis
March 2013 Pilots & Pizza What Statistical Reviewers Look For
February 2013 Pilots & Pizza Adaptive Clinical Trials - available upon request
January 2013 Pilots & Pizza No formal presentation
November 2012 Pilots & Pizza LIVE! Research Consultations
October 2012 Pilots & Pizza How to Write Good Objectives
September 2012 Pilots & Pizza No formal presentation

Past Workshops

Workshop Date Presentation
Introduction to PROC TRAJ December 2013 Introduction to PROC TRAJ
Study Design for the Rural Physician Leadership Program February 20, 2013 Study Design for the RPLP Participant
Introduction to Survey
Power Calculations February 14, 2013 Power & Sample Size
A Gentle Introduction to Linear Mixed Modeling with PROC MIXED February 11, 2013 A Gentle Introduction to Linear Mixed Modeling with PROC MIXED
Study Design for the Rural Physician Leadership Program June 20, 2012 Study Design: Planning and Starting a Research Study