Funding Opportunities

Pilot Funding Programs

Pilot Studies Award

The purpose of this funding mechanism is to provide a new opportunity and resources to support innovative, collaborative research relevant to the health challenges and disparities faced by the nation and the citizens of Kentucky. Eligibility is limited to UK full-time faculty - $25,000 to $50,000 for a 18 months project.

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Community Engagement Mini Grant Award

The purpose of this funding mechanism is to support small-scale community-based health outreach projects - a maximum of $2500 per award for one year. Eligible community agencies/coalitions must have 501c3 status or a designated lead fiscal agency (health agency or non-profit) and applications must target community residents in Appalachian Kentucky, University of Kentucky faculty and staff are not eligible for this award program as project leader/applicant.

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Small Grants Programs

Small grants of up to $5000 are available to help strengthen applications for extramural research grants (for example, NIH R or K-awards or awards from private foundations).

Emphasis is given to applications that promote translational research on human conditions and involve a clinician in the investigating team (i.e. nurse, pharmacist, clinical social worker, etc.). Projects that do not directly involve human subjects must include a clear description of how these studies, if funded, will develop new knowledge that will lead to translational studies, and how such studies will have an impact on health and disease in Kentucky.

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Appalachian Translational Research Network

The purpose of this Request for Application is to fund pilot projects that support to strengthen development of sustainable partnerships between academic researcher and community stakeholders for translational research.

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Educational Funding Programs

KL2 Research Scholar Awards

The aim of this program is to assist junior faculty in developing independent clinical / translational research programs through a structured program of education and mentorship. Eligibility is limited to UK full-time faculty - Awardees will receive 75% salary support up to a maximum of $90,000 per year and an additional $23,000 for research, educational and travel expenses.

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TL1 Training Program

The UK TL1 Training Program in Clinical and Translational Science is designed to train exceptional professional students, (i.e., MD, DMD, and PharmD students) to assume leadership positions directing multidisciplinary research in clinical and translational science. The TL1 will provide salary support at NIH NRSA levels (22,032 FY2012).

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Professional Student Mentored Research Fellowship PSMRF

The goal of this training program is to provide fellowships in clinical research for professional students. A $3000 Fellowship is available to professional students who have completed the Introduction to Clinical Research seminar and wish to conduct CTS research based on a health-related mentored research plan developed with a faculty member of the University of Kentucky.

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CCTS Certificate Scholars Seed Grant

"CCTS Certificate Scholars are eligible for a competitive seed grant award for up to $5,000 to support the research practicum and career development."

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Other Funding Programs

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