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The CCTS Research Concierge, Elodie Elayi, MS, assists investigators at every stage of project development, helping to assess project needs and connect with collaborators, expertise, resources, and funding opportunities.


Contact Information

Elodie Elayi,MS
Concierge/Research Development Director
Phone:(859) 323-7939
Fax: (859) 257-9560


Appalachian Translational Research Network

Patrick Kitzman, PhD, MSPT

(859) 218-0580

Biomedical Informatics

Tamela Harper, MHA

(859) 257-9384

Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design

Elodie Elayi, MS

(859) 323-7939

Clinical Services

Linda Rice, RN, CCRC

(859) 323-6481

Community Engagement & Research

Carol R. White, MPH

(859) 323-1118

Drug Discovery & Development

Greg Graf, PhD

(859) 257-4748

Participant Recruitment

Roxane Poskin

(859) 257-7856

Pilot Studies

Elodie Elayi, MS

(859) 323-7939

Regulatory Knowledge & Support

Laura Ashe, CCRC

(859) 323-2782

TAAS - Analytics (BAL)

Jennifer Moylan, PhD

(859) 323-6264

TAAS - Assessment (FABCC)

Douglas Long, MS

(859) 323-5438

TAAS - Biospecimens

Marietta Barton-Baxter, CCRC

(859) 257-6462

Tracking & Evaluation

Paula Plonski, MA

(859) 218-1079

Training, Education & Mentoring

Victoria King, PhD

(859) 323-1225


Services and Resources



Study Design & Development

Service activities include consultations in the areas of biobanking, bioethics, study design, biostatistics, data extractions, data collection forms, regulatory support, identifying collaborators and more.

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Setting up a Study

Services include available tools for inpatient / outpatient facilities, study coordination, participant recruitment, regulatory support, data collection, data management and more.

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Conducting a Study

Services include biochemical analysis laboratory, biospecimen samples, fiscal grants management, regulatory support and more.

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Closing Out & Publishing a Study

Services include biospecimen storage, regulatory close out requirements, publishing requirements, sharing data, record retention policies and more.

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