Tracking and Evaluation (T&E)

The CCTS Tracking and Evaluation (T&E) team works closely with the administration and key function program directors to identify metrics and outcomes to best measure progress towards the achievement of the Center’s aims and goals.  As part of this process, the T&E team collects and analyzes data on organizational change resulting from the Center’s focus on collaborative team science.

Our Goals: The three goals of the UK CCTS Tracking and Evaluation core are:

  1. Assess the overall infrastructure and management of resources for the CCTS.
  2. Guide the design and validation of methods and tools to assess curricular quality and core clinical and translational science competencies among trainees, mentors, and new investigators.
  3. Coordinate local evaluation efforts with those of the emerging national CTSA evaluation program.

Our Process: Work within the CCTS is innovative and often in a state of continuous development, improvement and adaptation. Developments are frequently unfolding, thereby changing the environment within which the work occurs. In essence, the work changes the work. Due to the complexity of this organizational system, the T&E team has chosen an approach that examines the outcomes of the CCTS work as well as investigates the innovation process. The current evaluation framework borrows critical features from two main approaches—outcome based evaluation and developmental evaluation. Developmental evaluation allows for the examination of change in novel approaches and methodologies in an outcome free context. This allows us to understand the effects of implementation of the transformative and innovative approaches within a more traditional outcome based evaluation framework.

Our Team:
Hilary Surratt, PhD, Director
Jing Li, MD, MS, Director
Mark Williams, MD, FACP, MHM, Director
Bob Kegebein, MA, Evaluation Manager
Janet Otachi, MA, Program Coordinator
Jeremy Sams, AS, Programmer
Archana Puranik, MCA, Data Research Analyst