UK Clinical Research Partners

Moving discovery along the translational continuum from bench to bedside to community, including dissemination and implementation, is challenging, particularly with regard to populations characterized by significant health disparities or particular vulnerabilities to disease. The CCTS works to enhance the robust research infrastructure at the University of Kentucky to form a network committed to accelerating discoveries for human health, facilitating innovative team science that addresses complex health challenges, and rapidly implement clinical trials.

Dr. Timothy Mullet, director of the Markey Cancer Center Clinical Research Network (MCCRN), is leading CCTS efforts to expand the Markey model for working with community healthcare affiliates to other UK areas of clinical research excellence. The Markey model begins by assessing readiness for clinical research and then working together to place clinical trials in the community setting. This facilitates research participation for a mainly rural, disadvantaged population who might not otherwise access the latest treatments only available through clinical trials. 

The UK Clinical Research Partners initiative includes: