Current Studies

Clinical research studies are the vehicle for getting new medications and treatments to market for millions of people. Study participants are extremely valuable, and because of you research discoveries are possible. Did you know that you can help others by participating in research? Health-focused research affects every aspect of our lives, from the medications we take to the health of our environment. Researchers are working hard to identify new treatments and strategies to improve the health of our communities, but research needs healthy volunteers and volunteers with medical conditions in order to succeed. Participating in research is a safe, easy way for you to give back to your community and give hope for the future.

Click on Therapeutic Areas to see research study flyers at University of Kentucky, you will find contact information on each flyer.

Aging & Geriatrics: Adults 60-85 Years Needed for a Study of Voice And Aging Biomarkers
Aging & Geriatrics: Affect and Acute Pain
Aging & Geriatrics: Exercise Training Study
Aging & Geriatrics: Muscle Research Study
Aging & Geriatrics: Understanding the Emotions of Caregivers in Kentucky
Alcohol: Research Volunteers Needed
Alcohol: Research Volunteers Needed (Social Drinkers)
Alcohol: Study on the Effects of Alcohol
Alcohol: UK Research Study
Back Pain: You Are Invited to Participate in a Research Study of Trunk Mechanical and Neuromuscular Behaviors
Cancer: Are You an African-born Female?
Cardiovascular: Are You a Lifetime Resident of Fayette County?
Cardiovascular: Healthy Adolescent Volunteers Needed for Heart Imaging
Diabetes: Go the distance, get screened for risk of type 1 diabetes
Dialect: Words = Success in School
Family Studies: Are you an African American woman who has had a child within the past year?
Family Studies: Are you an African American woman who has had a grandchild within the past year?
Fitness: Do You Work Out? Running and Strength Measurements Before and After a Workout
Fitness: Effect of Home-based Exercise on Rotator Cuff Strength
Fitness: Got Rhythm? Young Men Circadian Assessment
Fitness: Scapular Muscle Activities During Closed Chain Shoulder Exercises
Hip Structure, Hip Strength, and How You Run
How Does Vitamen D and Exercise Affect Your Muscle Health?
Knee Cap Pain Study
Lung Function: Healthy Volunteers Needed
Marijuana: Do You Smoke Marijuana?
Marijuana: Interested In Decreasing Your Marijuana Use?
Respiratory: Healthy Volunteers Needed for Research Study
Respiratory: Volunteers with Recent Respiratory Viral Infection Needed for Research Study
Smoking: How is DNA Damaged by Smoking?
Take Action for a Healthy Home
Vaccine: Healthy Adult Volunteers Needed for Vaccine Research


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