2018 Spring Conference Abstracts Call

UK Center for Clinical and Translational Science
13th Annual CCTS Spring Conference

“OPIOIDS: Addressing the Public Health Crisis through Translational Science”

Friday, April 13, 2018                               Lexington Convention Center

Held in conjunction with these College and Center-specific programs:

  • ​34th Annual BGSFN Spring Neuroscience Day
  • ​College of Dentistry Research Day
  • College of Engineering Biomedical Research Day​
  • College of Health Sciences Research Day​
  • College of Nursing Scholarship Showcase
  • College of Public Health Research Day
  • University of Kentucky MD/PhD Program Research Day

DEADLINE to submit an abstract: CLOSED

Applicants will be notified of their presentation format by Wednesday, March 14, 2018.


Presentations – Poster or Oral


Collecting Abstracts for?

Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) Posters/Oral Presentations All topics are welcome for submission.  The majority of abstracts submissions will be accepted for presentation during the poster session. A limited number of abstracts will be chosen for oral presentation during the afternoon.  All poster presentations will receive feedback on both research and career development issues from an interdisciplinary group of conference mentors. University of Kentucky MD/PhD Program Research Day participants submit with the CCTS.
College of Dentistry Posters/Oral Presentations You will have the option of choosing to present your poster vertically or horizontally.

College of Engineering

Posters/Oral Presentations

All topics relevant to the application of engineering principles to problems in human health are welcome.

Questions about this session can be directed to Babak.bazrgari@uky.edu

College of Health Sciences

Posters/Oral Presentations

You will be required to indicate your type of affiliation within the CHS. Two student abstracts will be chosen to be presented as oral presentations.  Choose the option “poster or oral presentation” when submitting to indicate whether or not you would be willing to be considered for an Oral presentation.

College of Nursing Posters/Oral Presentations

Students and faculty are encouraged to submit an abstract describing projects that are completed or in progress. Abstracts may relate to either research or evidence based practice. Students may choose oral or poster presentations; faculty may only submit poster presentations.

College of Public Health Posters/Oral Presentations

Current undergraduate and graduate student researchers in the College of Public Health are invited to present their work in oral and poster sessions and receive feedback from an interdisciplinary panel of faculty reviewers. The majority of submissions will be offered poster presentation opportunities, with a limited number of submissions chosen for oral presentation. This faculty review panel will select award winners in the oral and poster presentation categories who will receive cash prizes. Students who are completing capstone projects, including grant proposals, are particularly encouraged to submit their work.


BGSFN Spring Neuroscience Day Posters only BGSFN sponsors a competition for prizes in a variety of categories for neuroscience-related posters. If you are interested in having your neuroscience poster included in the competition, your abstract must be submitted to the BGSFN Spring Neuroscience Day session. Contact Dr. Olivier Thibault, othibau@uky.edu, for more details on competition eligibility and guidelines. 

Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship “60-second Elevator Poster Pitch” Competition

Posters only*

Must submit abstract to one of the above sessions then also check that you're interested in this competition.

If you submit to one of the above poster sessions, you will also be eligible for the Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship “60-second Elevator Poster Pitch” competition.  This competition will occur in addition to our regular poster mentoring/judging activities. 

Here’s how the “60-second Elevator Poster Pitch” competition will work:

  • Those who sign-up will need to attend a 1-hour training session on how to organize and deliver a 60-second pitch.  Only those who sign-up and attend a training session will be officially entered into the competition.
  • The Von Allmen Center "60-second Elevator Poster Pitch" Competition is for poster presentations only.  
  • Poster presenters will be given 60 seconds to “Pitch Your Poster.”  
  • The “poster pitch” will be judged on the following criteria:  1) 60% Clarity of Presentation and 2) 40% Potential to Create New Therapies
  • Prizes will be awarded: $500 for 1st, $250 for 2nd, $150 for 3rd and $100 for the VACE Director's Choice Award  
  • There will be no Q&A before or during the pitch!  However, feedback on the pitch can be provided afterwards, if participants are interested.
  • Competition is limited to the first 25 applicants to sign up via the abstract submission process.



The purpose of poster presentations is not only to provide presenters with the opportunity to talk about their research but also to receive constructive feedback from the mentors. In general, this takes the shape of a relaxed discussion about rationale, approach, analysis and conclusions. Mentors will almost always want to interrupt you to ask pertinent questions or clarify as you go along. Enjoy yourselves and thank you for participating!

Who May Submit?
The call for abstracts is open to interested students (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral), faculty, research personnel, trainees/scholars, and administrators. It is also open to those in government agencies, private foundations, and community organizations.  No individual should be first author on more than one abstract.

Submissions from individuals participating in research career training programs (e.g., NIH training programs, including T32, K12, COBRE, Physical Scientist, and Clinical Research Scholar) are particularly encouraged.

Submission Fee  
There is no cost for abstract submission.

Formatting & Submitting your Abstract
You will submit your abstract on-line, using the following instructions:

  • Limit your abstract to 250 words;
  • Keep a copy for your records;
  • Do not include diagrams, illustrations or other graphic objects in your work.

Based on your on-line submission, your abstract will be evaluated, compiled and electronically distributed to conference attendees and mentors.

Abstracts may be submitted on any aspect of clinical health-related research, including: basic research with animal models of clinical disease and/or with human tissue; clinical research that involves human subjects; health-related clinical, epidemiological and/or community-based research; outcomes research; health services research; and behavioral science investigations. Preclinical research designed to inform clinical translational research is also permitted.

Abstracts may describe work that has been or will be submitted at other meetings.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Original Research: All prospective and retrospective studies that involve testing a hypothesis by collecting and analyzing data.  Abstracts must specify the following: hypothesis, number of subjects, procedures, results, statistical analysis, and important findings (conclusions). Ongoing original research is acceptable/encouraged from individuals receiving career research training.
  • Research Description (Trainees Only):  Individuals who are developing their research plan but have not yet initiated the studies are welcome/encouraged to provide a description of their current plans, including hypotheses, number of subjects, proposed methods and procedures, statistical analysis, expected results, research skills to be acquired, and a description of how the research plan will support career development.
  • Theoretical/Commentary: Abstracts addressing issues related to clinical health including (but not limited to) policy, trends in the field, treatment strategies, mechanisms of action and methodological issues.  No data is required and no concluding statement is necessary.
  • Literature Review: Abstracts should provide a scholarly discussion of a specific topic via review of the current literature.  The abstract does not need to present data, but a concluding statement about the findings is required.

Poster Development and Printing:
Check with your college, department or program for poster development (templates and appropriate logos) and printing resources.  It is your responsibility to arrange to have your poster printed.  The display boards for your poster are 4’ high by 8’ wide.*  Please be sure that your printed poster fits within those dimensions. 

*Dentistry is offering the option of vertical or horizontal poster displays.  All other groups with poster sessions will use horizontal orientation.

DEADLINE to submit an abstract: CLOSED
Applicants will be notified of their presentation format by Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

For assistance, please contact:
Ryan Vicini